Change inspires growth

 I am Andi the Knittress.

I was blessed to have been a part of the former Knotty Lady Yarns. A wonderful yarn shop serving not only Roseburg, Oregon but much of the United States and beyond. And since change has been thrust upon us, we must grow. We must learn things anew.

Having been part of what I dare say was the best yarn store ever, I too am still at a loss. But life is ever changing and we must roll with the unraveling yarn ball that is life. Let us grow together.

I am here to do what I do best, learn from teaching. Sharing my knowledge of yarn and fiber. Will you grow with me? I hope so.

Grant me patience as this will be all new to me. Allow me time to fill the gap that has been left behind.


The Knotty Knittress 

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