Inspire and Be Inspired!

Connecting with other makers has always been my very favorite part of working in the yarn world. Whether online or in person, there is such a plethora of inspiration to be found. Everyone has their own view on colors and placement and it is refreshing to view things out side of your usual comfort zone.

From neutrals to neons and everything in between there is such an array of colors in this world, and I want to see them all! Please feel free to tag The Knotty Knittress on your social media in all of your makes. Don't have social media? Send an email of what you are working on. 

I will take all the shares and emails over the next month and put your name in a drawing for a free skein of yarn. I will announce, and contact the winner, in next months Blog. 

Until then Happy Making, and take life one stitch at a time...

Andi The Knittress





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