May Thoughts

May Thoughts

Does anyone else notice the more you do in your day the more you are able to do? No? Just me?

I always have struggled with time management. I feel like some things that will take up my whole day only take up a fraction of time. And things I think will go quickly, end up taking longer than I expected. I have found the moment I stop analyzing the amount of time things will take me, and just do the things I set out to do, I am always amazed at how much I achieve.

I have an endless list it seems of things I want to accomplish each day, and as I just move forward they seem to get done. It may seem obvious to everyone else but as a person who struggles with over thinking, sometimes the thought process freezes me and I get nothing done. Literally nothing, because I'm stuck in my head trying to create the best plan of attack. Once I let go of thinking and just start something, eventually I find I have accomplished many things. I guess my whole point is much like starting a sweater or a blanket if you look at all the stitches ahead of you it can seem overwhelming, but one stitch at a time you can tackle your projects!


Andi The Knotty Knittress

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