October Newsletter

October Newsletter

October has been a busy month here at The Knotty Knittress! As some of you may know we are in the process of opening a storefront! I still do not have an exact date for you all. I am waiting on city paperwork, but I am told 2 - 3 weeks. Hopefully sooner rather than later. For up to date information please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. If you would be interested in following the progress of the shop you can visit my youtube channel where I have been doing a daily vlog of what is going on. If you would like to support the opening of the store you can take advantage of the gift card sale that will be running until doors open on the shop! Buy $50 gift card get $5 one free(no coupon code needed, digital gift cards). Thank you all for supporting me this past year and a half as I've worked towards this endeavor. I look forward to sitting and stitching with you all in the very near future!


The Knotty Knittress

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