September Newsletter

September Newsletter

So September has come and gone. Too quickly if you ask me. This month's newsletter is late, but for good reason. I have been in a stir trying to make preparations for a storefront! That's right you read that correctly The Knotty Knittress is getting a storefront!

There is no official date as of yet but I plan to open doors in November. Stay tuned to all social medias for dates, times and the like.

The location will be at 742 SE Jackson St in Roseburg. It is a lovely little spot and I hope to see you there!

In the mean time please still shop the website and visit our booth at the weekend markets through October. Continuing to support my small business through the set up time is much appreciated.

I plan to grow and offer a wide variety of yarns and fibers as the months go on, but our staple will be the hand dyed varieties from Hearing Colors Dyeworks. Please feel free to reach out and let me know if there are yarns you'd love to see.




The Knotty Knittress

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