Sometimes There's Goats

Sometimes life throws things at you that you think you can't handle. And sometimes there's goats. Goats? Yes, goats!

 I am human and I have stress and doubt like most of us do. I take on more than I can chew often. And sometimes I let the stress get to me. But sometimes something random happens to make you realize life is too short to let stress bog you down. To let yourself get stuck in the hum drum of everyday living. 

I get myself in a tizzy often if I feel like I am running late. Which is usually my fault in the first place because I procrastinated by knitting just one more row about 10 times. One morning here recently as I was running around gathering everything I needed to leave the house to try and make it on time, I heard the dog do her 'someone is here' woof woof woof, which reminds me of a chicken bok bok boking.

I asked my husband to take a peek as it could be the mail, though it was far too early in the day for it. Or it could be nothing because our precious little dog barks at the wind sometimes. So I am gathering my things I need to leave the house, keys, wallet, knitting project or two, because lets face it in the small hour or two I will be gone from the house I may just finish the entire sweater and need a second project to work on, but that is a whole different issue to unpack at a later time. My husband says to me that I have to come look, and it's the funniest thing ever. I walk over peek out the window and see nothing. I assumed he was being snarky in saying it was the funniest thing ever, and the dog was just barking at the wind again. With a little annoyance in my voice, because I am on the verge of running late, I reply to him oh there's nothing there! He looks at me with surprise and asks you didn't see a goat out there?

I walk out the front door and sure enough there is a fuzzy little goat with hazel colored eyes and a bell around her neck. She was just absolutely the friendliest goat I've ever met, in all honesty I haven't met many goats let alone at my front door. She apparently decided today was the day she was going to just take an adventure and just did it. She got to meet some new friends, and chow on some delicious rosemary growing in our front yard. She let go of her inhibitions and just went for it. 

Mean while I forgot all about my stressing over being late, let all of it go and enjoyed this friendly little lady on her adventure to our doorstep. We found her home with a down the road neighbor and learned she was aptly named Hazel for her beautiful eyes.

So my point is to not let the little things get you in a tizzy. Relax let them go and enjoy the small things, because sometimes there's goats!

Andi The Knittress 

Goat Hazel on Front Porch


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