Take life one stitch at a time...

Sometimes when working on a pattern if I look too far ahead I get confused. It can feel like I will never understand the construction of the garment and how I will achieve the end result. I can become overwhelmed. The same can be said for life. When you make plans trying to envision your future a certain way and things do not work out. It is at that Point when I decide to let go of the struggle and take it one stitch at a time. 
When you look at the very next step you need to take it is a little easier to manage an entire cabled sweater, or lace shawl, or starting a small business. It is nice to have a pattern to follow or a business plan. But you cannot achieve those things all in that moment. There are thousands of stitches that go into an end product.
I am taking things really slow. Creating a place that will serve the community. I hope you all will have the patience to stay with me. Watch me grow into a welcoming yarn store.  
Until I achieve that goal I will be making small steps. Adding one or two lines of yarn here and there. Taking it one stitch at a time.
Andi The Knittress


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