Wear your Makes

We are finally getting some fall weather here in Oregon! That means it is time to pull out our hand knits and crochets! Is there anything better than receiving a compliment on a sweater or shawl that you put hours into? Of course there is, but that is high up on my lists of reasons to wear every piece I make. 

You never know who you may inspire to pick up our craft. If I had a dollar for every time someone complimented my yarn skills, only to be astonished when I reply I made it, well maybe I could splurge for that skein of cashmere. These interactions usually lead to me offering to teach them how, and a time or two they have taken me up on it. I don't know about you but I want everyone I know to have the joy I have when it comes to turning string into things!

It takes time and repetition to master knits and purls, or single, double, and triple crochets. But isn't it worth it to be snuggled by something you've made when chill hits the air?! So revel in these crisp mornings and don that sweater that taught you a new skill, or wrap yourself in that shawl that taught you patience. Wear your makes with pride, because let's face it you are skilled and the world around you should know it!

Embrace sweater weather season with me! Share a Photo of you in one of your makes with me! I would love to put together a compilation of everyones skill to share in my next episode!

Andi The Knittress

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The Knotty Knittress has joined The Sutherlin Farmers' Market! I would like you to come out and squish beautiful yarn, chat about your latest projects and reconnect! Thursdays through October 27th!

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